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Samantha Thomas is an avid surfer and an artist, according to Us Weekly.

Baku Magazine described Thomas as an artist to focus on with a rising career in Los Angeles and New York.

It begins with a handshake and a world-weary smile, and not long after she's reminiscing about the warm welcome that greeted her on the different already.'" PHOTOS: ' X-Men: Days of Future Past' Star Ellen Page-- Exclusive Portraits of the Actress Over the course of a wide-ranging two-hour conversation, Page gets fired up (about "binary gender systems," as well as discussion of her producing her first film), starry-eyed (at the thought of one day getting married and raising kids) and flat-out silly (about her addiction to renaming people's pets on Twitter).

She also proves disarmingly open about her years-long battle with depression. "And obviously that's a very personal thing to say, but I say it to encourage whatever other people are feeling. No more." In 2014, as roadblocks to same-sex marriage topple throughout the country and such gay-friendly shows as proliferate, the prospect of another celebrity coming-out story might not seem all that remarkable.

The couple cuddled up together outside of the restaurant as they waited for their food and even shared a sweet kiss.

Ellen and Emma have not been shy about their relationship on social media accounts over the past few weeks.

The couple were wearing matching necklaces and walking arm-in-arm when they were spotted in New York City on August 3, Us Weekly reported.

The couple has been dating for seven months, according to Us Weekly.

Thousands of congratulatory tweets, still pouring in, confirmed that yes, it had.

The report which features a collection of photos of the 59-year-old host strolling down a street with an unknown woman.

The captions that come with the images suggested that De Generes and the mystery lady dined in a vegan restaurant on June 1 at Crossroads in West Hollywood.

Also reported by speculations of divorce between the two emerged after the host and her wife supposedly faced a “marriage breakdown” which was allegedly caused by Drew Barrymore.

In another report, the outlet claimed that a love triangle seemed to be brewing.

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