Beast cam chat

Lippy then contacted area wildlife rehabilitators and the Pennsylvania Game Commission, who determined the injury likely is not serious.

"Fine, jump on out if that's what you’d like to do," Amber can be heard saying.

It’s been all quiet on the Tumblr front for some time now, save for mentions of the blogging platform within the context of parent company Yahoo’s sale to Verizon.

Last summer, Tumblr made a few notable tweaks—namely, But with Cabana, Tumblr is getting a bit more personal.

of 130 million Tumblr users, data scientists found that about half actively consumed or were “unintentionally exposed” to porn.

(When Tumblr was acquired by Yahoo in 2013, the platform buried some of its explicit content in internal search results, but the posts remain.) For now, Cabana can only pull videos from You Tube, but one can only imagine how an app offering private video chatrooms with visual stimuli might be used once other video sources are introduced.

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