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He also continued to reiterate that his strategy was just to “have fun”. We met him in person a few years ago in his wine bar Blended Industries in La Jolla and he was very nice and in a committed relationship with his fashionista girlfriend Summer Albertsen.So this behavior of his seems odd and I will speculate that he may be fresh out of that relationship and not ready to start anything with anyone.Kovacs is seeking the help of “The Millionaire Matchmaker” because he says he needs another perspective when it comes to relationships.He says he’s looking for a woman who’s clever and witty, “and of course smokin’ hot.” When Matchmaker Patti Stanger grills Kovacs about his intentions, Kovacs admits to never having his heart broken.

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Jesse allegedly hooked up with both Lucy and Christy in Tulum Mexico. J.’s not, in fact, gay—Patti concludes that he’s a “cuffer”—i.e., someone who “cuffs” women and forces them to follow his rules, to such an extent that the women lose their own sense of identity. Finally, it’s time for the men to meet their potential matches. J., Patti has selected Taliah, a phlebotomist; Aime, a salon owner and Melissa, who makes a line of clothes for petite women. Kate reminds me of those kids who studied abroad in college, and came back pretending they’d toooootally forgotten that apartments weren’t called “flats.” Anyway, moving on. Um, chill out, Melissa, that is not a real problem. So what would happen, I wondered, when Patti let him into her Millionaires Club? (No, I am not making this up.) At their preliminary meeting—after establishing A. Patti must be a “We need to get serious here,” Patti says, “because your reputation is on the line.” Ummm, IDK Patti, but I think that ship might have sailed. “I don’t think they ever listen to women,” Patti says. Wow—that’s an incredibly specific thing to be an expert in. Good job Googling “relationship advice” five minutes before this meeting. for like six years and I still sound like a lumberjack, so take that, Kate. chooses Melissa—mainly because she answers everything perfectly, as if A. “I don’t weigh that much so I’m wondering how hard I can make these grapes go,” Melissa says.He said that they broke up because she did not like him traveling all the time and that he was ‘fine’ after the break up. And then sadly he claimed that no one had ever ’broken his heart’.Bad news for and all of the ladies that Jesse has dated!

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