Typically couples return from vacation wanting to bring their revived sexuality home with them, but gradually, in spite of their best intentions, they slide back into the same old sex lives that they were wishing to make better.

Apparently, the slogan for Vegas holds true no matter what your travel destination: whatever it is you do there is going to stay there.

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They are there with the purpose of having a good time, so they are in better moods and are more playful.


They have the opportunity to unplug their computers and cell phones so they won't be distracted.

Niemand had interesse gehad om dit huisje te bewonen, het nabijgelegen dorpje, waar een honderdtal mensen leefde, was al zo lang gewend geweest aan de bijna onbewoondheid van de omgeving, dat n of meer onbewoonde huizen er nauwelijks iets toe deed.

Zorgen voor je levensonderhoud was nauwelijks een bekend begrip, proberen de armoede en de dood vr te blijven was eerder dagelijkse bezigheid.

While tube sites were undoubtebly revolutionary when they emerged, it's gotten stale at this point.

There's truly nothing better than watching a beautiful woman get fully nude and do all sorts of filthy things - masturbating, using toys, sucking cock, and naturally, getting fucked! Granted, we don't have the technology yet to let you fuck them through your computer (check back in ten years! Live sex is the new big thing in the world of pornography.

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