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As you provide answers to commonly asked questions, response sets are automatically generated.Behind the scenes, our award-winning language processor learns to match questions with the relevant keywords you have provided.Whenever you’re away, your bot will continue providing friendly customer support 24/7. If your bot doesn't recognize a question, it will transfer the conversation to a live agent - seamlessly.

Lesbian Chat Online is a free lesbian chat for lesbians, single girls or women in relationships, mature women or teenage girls from all over the world. You are Welcome to Join any Chat Room that Interest You and Try Some Funny and Cheesy Chat up Lines to Spice Up your Talk.Chat in real time, dozens of unique avatars and hot smileys to choose from.Start chatting on the web or note down your favorite server's Host address and port number to use later in your preferred Chat Client. Answer the interesting trivia questions, gain points, appreciate and get appreciated.So if you are bored or want to kill some time online, you should try this.

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