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Modern Mingle is hosting a speed dating event, creating a lively environment that blends intimacy and comfort.Turn by turn, attendees are introduced to potentials dating candidates.

If you are an expecting family, Show and Tell Ultrasound looks forward to providing you, your family and friends with this unique experience to see your baby.In order to provide a comprehensive picture of a person's experience, evaluations include the use of multiple data sources such as interviews, review of records, and psychological testing.I emphasize helping clients adjust to life changes, stress, and interpersonal difficulties.“It’s an issue that teens face and we just want to get the word out,” said Angela Nance, 359th Medical Operations Squadron Family Advocacy Program intervention specialist. During this event, which is open to the first 20 families who register by calling 808-6468, parents will learn effective communication skills, discipline while teaching responsibility, how to encourage their children and nonviolent conflict resolution, while teens will learn communication skills that work in any situation, how to get along with all kinds of people, how to solve problems creatively and the secret to gaining freedom.“We want people to know the signs when a teen is in an abusive relationship.”Activities during the month will help parents communicate more effectively with their teenage children and provide teens with the information they need to form healthy relationships and prevent the abuse that is all too common. Two of the events – “Dangers of Social Media,” 2- p.m. 8 at the Human Performance Resource Center, building 999, and “A Cup of Prevention,” - a.m. 22 at the JBSA-Randolph Medical Clinic’s 359th MDOS conference room – are exclusively for parents.

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    En person vars relationer "in real life" går på sparlåga, eftersom allt engagemang och all tid läggs på de konstruerade relationerna på nätet. Hon menar att i alla andra sammanhang i livet utbyter vi erfarenheter för att lära oss mer och bli bättre.