Dating someone who rejected you

If I could write a note to my younger self it would be: “Don’t take it all so personally.

Add someone who’s on the autism spectrum and it can be almost unbearable. A dozen guys stood around the room, holding their drinks and leering. As awful as it may have seemed, I’m glad I handled it with dignity.No one had the guts to go up to the group of girls. Because it’s choices like those which have allowed me to become a stronger man even from the most horrible rejections.And those kinds of wounds can take a lifetime to heal and will inevitably carry over into your next relationship.If you end up in a place where you fear rejection, you’ll start to anticipate it and then you’ll be more likely to be rejected, thus confirming your initial prediction and affirming your belief that anyone you like won’t like you, which may pave the way for more rejection and on and on the vicious cycle goes.

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